Create a marketingplan using Airtable

Welcome to Tool Thursday! For this week’s installment, I’ve chosen something really special. It’s Excel … on steroids. Airtable is our favorite tool to sort, structure and share data. We use Airtable to create, share and maintain our marketingplans. Besides offering a wide variety of easy to use templates, Airtable also has the functionality to adjust “views” and share them with others.

There are hundreds of ways you can use Airtable. You can use it as a project management tool like Trelloa social media calendar, or even as your event planner. We prefer to use Airtable for complete marketing strategies and marketing operation plans.

To understand how we use Airtable as a complete marketing strategy and operation marketing plan, it’s useful to know we always do a kick-off session with our new clients before we commence anything. During this session, we define an Objective, a set of Goals, Strategies, and Measurements to achieve success. (Yes, we use the OGSM-model.)

Everything we do in our marketing operations should contribute to the bigger picture: the Objective. With Airtable, we connect the marketing plan (tasks/actions) to a Measurement, which in turn corresponds to a Goal, and so forth. This way, every team member understands the client’s end goal that we’re working toward together.

And to take it up a notch, we’ve created a model within Airtable that contains over 200 of our most used tasks. We’ve added the estimated average time spent on this action, the experienced success rate, the impact and to which AARRR-phase (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue) it contributes.

Using this detailed database, creating an operational plan becomes a breeze. Our marketing manager knows exactly how many hours a specific action will take on average and can draw upon an extensive database of activities and experience.

Furthermore, Airtable has a vast API as well. Thanks to this, we were able to write a custom integration with their API that automatically updates a WordPress Database if a value changes within Airtable.

You too can start experimenting with Airtable’s free plan (I recommend checking out the cattle management system ?). To have access to more features, templates, the special blocks and much more, you’ll need the Pro plan. This will set you back $240 per year, check out for more.

Are you interested in an intelligently designed strategic and operational marketing plan? Feel free to connect and send me a message. And who knows, you might end up with your own complete marketing plan in Airtable.

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