Typeform – Tool Thursday week 1

Over the past weeks, I’ve received a ton of questions about what tools we use at Contentleaders. Not only when working from home, but also what our technology stack at Contentleaders looks like. I won’t go over every tool, but I’ll try to pick some of the less obvious tools, to keep it interesting.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with technology. As a kid, I fantasized about having an iPad – so my parents couldn’t see that I was playing games underneath my blankets- before the tablet even existed.

Over the upcoming months, I’ll share some of the tools I use as a director and marketer at Contentleaders, on (tool) Thursdays. We pay for access to all these tools, so I’m completely unbiased.

Our favorite form builder: Typeform

The first tool up is Typeform. We use Typeform to create all sorts of forms for our clients, with different use cases. From surveys to NPS to lead generation forms. They look beautiful and perform extremely well in terms of UX (user experience) and conversion. Since the day Contentleaders was founded five years ago, we’ve received almost 50k submissions on our typeforms so far!

Our most significant use case is lead generation (duh, we’re a marketing agency). We’ve created an integration with WordPress so that we can pass the data to the WordPress database. This way, we can generate ‘personal reports’ based on the user’s answers.

TypeForm builder tool

A great example of this is the “Langer Thuis In Huis check” (Living-independently-at-home-for-longer-check, in Dutch it sounds better ? ). People fill in their answers on questions like: “Is your bathroom floor slippery when wet?” or “Do you have trouble opening and closing the curtains?”.

Based on these answers in Typeform, we generate a personal report which can be downloaded as PDF. This report contains personal advice to improve their living conditions at home. And of course, this is a great conversation starter to sell products/services or provide the right advice.

Besides this custom integration, Typeform also integrates with thousands of other tools, so you can easily connect it to your favorite CRM or Marketing Automation tool.

You can try Typeform with a (limited) free plan. We use the Premium version, which costs about $700 per year, and gives us (and therefore our clients) excellent value for money!

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